Australian Bauxite is listed on the ASX and has discovered bauxite deposits in Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania, where it has mined and processed bauxite since 2014. An innovator business, ABx has developed new technologies to add value to its bauxite which is especially suited to the manufacture of high strength cement used for major infrastructure.

ABx also makes a fertiliser-additive bauxite. Its new Sunrise Bauxite Mining Lease inland from Bundaberg, QLD is scheduled to be approved within a year, delivering 0.5 million tonnes per year to alumina plants in China and India for over 20 years.

ABx's newest technology investment has been the creation of its 87%-owned subsidiary Alcore Limited which aspires to be Australia's first producer of aluminium fluoride and other highly valued products. .The company has also discovered a potentially easily processed type of rare earth elements (REE) within its bauxite terrains, potentially adding significant value to the company.

Alcore Limited

Alcore is developing a process to chemically refine bauxite and aluminium smelter waste into aluminium fluoride (AlF3), essential for aluminium smelting and is being investigated for use in lithium-ion batteries. Alcore conducts advanced research at its Alcore Research Centre and has made significant developments, including the recovery of fluorine from aluminium smelter waste, commercial grade AlF3 using aluminium extracted from aluminium smelter dross waste. Furthermore, Alcore is also able to produce Corethane, a gas substitute and is intending to establish its first production plant in Bell Bay, Tasmania.