Australian Bauxite is pleased to announce the first two sales from our first production centre at Bald Hill, Tasmania, with shipping to customers already carried out. This is the first new bauxite project in Australia for more than 35 years.

Australian Bauxite produces high grade metallurgical-grade bauxite for the aluminium industry; cement-grade bauxite for the manufacture of certified high-specification cement and fertiliser-grade bauxite for the fertiliser industry.

The second shipment is the largest sale in ABx's history. Apart from Tasmania, Australian Bauxite also has viable tenements across Queensland and New South Wales, with the Binjour tenement in Queensland viewed as the flagship project of the company.

Why are we different?  We are an innovative, cohesive and highly skilled team who have collectively developed an exploration model which identifies targets and achieve results.

Consisting of strongly experienced senior management and innovative up and coming geologists, the team has developed a unique geological model which has identified exploration targets that enables the company to maximise shareholder value for each exploration dollar spent.

Australian Bauxite (ABx) is adding value to shareholders through the discovery of high grade direct shipping bauxite in Eastern Australia, close to transport infrastructure and free of Native Title.

Our Vision: We will become the most valued and respected supplier of high grade bauxite through industry leading performance.

ABx has a pipeline for  development of bauxite deposits in Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales. Combined JORC resources currently stand at 124 million tonnes and are expected to increase significantly with further exploration.  In total, ABx has 22 tenements covering over 1,975 sq km and controls the most prospective acreage for high quality bauxite along Eastern Australia.